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Annual General Meeting

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Wednesday 23 August 2017
Garioch Heritage Centre, Loco Works Road, Inverurie AB51 4FY

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Gordon Forum for the Arts will be held on Wednesday 23 August at 7pm in the Garioch Heritage Centre, Loco Works Road, Inverurie AB51 4FY. The agenda will include the proposal to dissolve the Forum. All members are requested to attend.

Newsletter, August 2017

It is well known that since 2012, when Aberdeenshire Council stopped funding the Gordon Forum for the Arts (GFA), the work of the Forum could not continue indefinitely. However, for the next three years, under the leadership of Dr Ian Clark, funding was raised through grants and charitable bodies resulting in the successful 'Value of Age' programme and providing the necessary funding to subsidize the annual Gordon Art Exhibition (GAE).

When Dr Clark resigned in 2015, there was no one to take his place and the GFA went into suspension. There was no move at that time to dissolve the GFA because plans for the 2016 GAE were already under way, and the exhibition was dependent on the GFA for its constitution, insurance and banking facilities.

The 2016 GAE proved to be a financial success in that sufficient funding had been raised to stage the exhibition without the annual subsidy from GFA. However, the 2016 exhibition was also the 25th anniversary of the GAE, and some long-serving members of the art exhibition team felt that they had contributed as much as they could, and they tendered their resignation. This left both the GAE and the GFA with virtually no committee members.

A meeting was called in July 2016 where the link between the Forum and the art exhibition was explained and how, if the Forum went into dissolution, the only way the art exhibition could survive would be to set up independently of the Forum. Whilst this seemed to be the sensible way forward, nothing could be done until the vacant posts on both committees were filled. The few people present at the meeting felt that the seriousness of the situation had not been fully understood by the wider membership, and that more time was needed to publicise the predicament of the art exhibition, and to recruit new committee members. In the meantime, three volunteers offered to fill the executive posts of the GFA on a temporary basis to keep it valid until the next meeting.

A Special General Meeting was held on 29 August 2016, where it was confirmed that there was no one willing to revive the work of the Gordon Forum but that there was still strong support for the art exhibition, and a number of members volunteered to serve on the GAE committee. Whilst it might have been appropriate to separate the GAE from the GFA at this point, the timing was wrong. Provisional bookings for GAE 2017 had been made and insurance taken out in the name of the Gordon Forum, and there was insufficient time to resolve the status of the GAE before grant applications had to be submitted. It was therefore agreed that the executive posts of the GFA would again be filled nominally to enable it to act as the umbrella organization for the 2017 GAE.

The financial outcome of the 2017 exhibition confirmed that the GAE was able to attract enough funding for it to be independent of GFA. A 'wash-up' meeting was held on 20 April, where a new art exhibition committee was formed which has now come to the logical conclusion that the time is right for the status of GAE to be established separately from GFA.

This move has left the GFA with no further purpose, and so, at the AGM on 23 August, it will be proposed that the GFA be dissolved and its remaining funds (c. £2000) be dispersed in accordance with its constitution. Members are invited to suggest suitable causes "...having objects similar to those of the association [GFA]..." to whom the funds could be allocated. Members are also requested to notify the Treasurer of any assets belonging to GFA of which they are aware, including artworks, commissions, or minor assets so that these can also be allocated to suitable custodians. It is hoped that as many members as possible will attend this very important AGM in order to conclude the final business of the Gordon Forum for the Arts.

Janet Hoper, Treasurer, GFA

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