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Autumn 2011

Message from the Chair

Dear Reader

Once again the Gordon Forum for the Arts (GFA) Newsletter is packed with information about the local arts scene. As you will see there is much to be pleased about in what is otherwise a bad year from the funding perspective. The Aberdeenshire Council has withdrawn all the funding for the three Arts Forums from the beginning of the next financial year and has given out only £1,500 to the Gordon Forum this year to allow us some development time. Grants from GFA are no longer available. This is not a sensible move. The Council's own figures for those arts and cultural organizations which they supported indicate that they collectively spent some £2.6 million in 2009. Council grants however totalled £194,600, meaning that every Council pound was leveraged by 1,344%... a bargain! This geographical area is acknowledged in Government figures as one of the wealthiest in the country... so where are the funders of the arts to be found? If the Council is intent on supporting the development of the arts then perhaps we can look forward to them brokering meetings with wealthy private sector companies to encourage an inflow of financial support for the arts. Innovative schemes and sponsorship are needed rather than workshops to help us 'maximize' our audiences.

Meanwhile the GFA is working on a big project for 2012 and is still supporting its annual Art Exhibition, which has funding set aside for three years. It has opened communication links through the website and online on Facebook and Twitter. Do get in touch if you have an issue you wish us to discuss with us.

Now let's forget the finances and enjoy the arts in this issue!

Ian Clark

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