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Summer 2011

Gordon Art Exhibition

Report by Team Leader June Hidalgo

Gordon Art Exhibition

The Gordon Art Exhibition was open to the public for the five days starting Friday 18th March and closed again on Tuesday afternoon with the announcement of the People's Choice Awards winners. This year it turned out to be a battle of horsepower with Lorna Dawson's pastel, On the Bit narrowly losing out to Ian Matthew's motorcycle study Beat the Storm.

Both judges contacted me while the Exhibition was open, being very complimentary about the high standard of the entries, and about the Exhibition generally. They both commented on the amount of work that went into it, and this led me to try working out a few facts and figures. As far as I could estimate, based on a few spot checks of numbers over the period, we must have had an audience of around two and a half thousand visitors, which was spread out fairly evenly over the five days — the peak times being over the weekend.

Gordon Art Exhibition

To try and work out the number of man hours put into its organisation and presentation was quite an on-going job as I tried to keep a running total of the hours we had actually spent on the preliminaries, including meetings and planning, and then the time spent on such jobs as contacting judges, prize sponsors and the people who advertised in the catalogue, and then finally, dealing with Acceptance Day when all the exhibits are brought in. The actual typing and production of the catalogue is a massive job, which takes place in the time between the time of the last picture being hung and numbered, with the finished article being ready for the preview on Thursday evening. My thanks to Jacqui and her husband who dealt with this, courtesy of his firm, Technip UK. By the time I had added all this up, and added the hours spent manning the Exhibition while it was open, and then closing it down again afterwards, the total hours put in by everyone, from the volunteer putting in a couple of hours, to those members of the Exhibition Team who seemed to be there all the time, I came up with a total of around 750 hours.

Gordon Art Exhibition

It is a big job when you think that this Exhibition mounts nearly 400 exhibits, from over 200 artists, and makes it available to this huge audience from all over the Shire. I had a quick skim through the People's Choice voting slips and visitors came from all over the Shire and the City, from Montrose and Stonehaven to Banff, but we also had visitors who were doubtless in the area anyway, from such places as Dunbar, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Kings Lynn and Newcastle, and Unst. We can almost say our fame is truly national!

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this all possible.

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