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Summer 2011

Message from the Chair

Dear reader and friend of the Gordon Forum for the Arts

In this edition of the Newsletter you can read about our 10th Annual Art Exhibition which attracted nearly 400 exhibits by over 200 artists. There were 2,500 visitors to the Inverurie Town Hall over the 5 days. Volunteers provided between 750 and 1000 hours work to make it all happen. Many thanks go to them, to the artists, and those who purchased art too. I am sorry to say that this will be the last GFA art exhibition to be supported by funds from Aberdeenshire Council, which has withdrawn most of the funding from the Forum. It will be necessary to raise £1000 per year to ensure the future of the exhibition; the GFA is fully committed to this task.

The exhibition funding is but one casualty of the Council's financial policy. No new grant monies are available from this year. A small administrative support grant has been made to the Forum to help us to work towards other objectives listed in our action plan for the year, a copy of which is available at our website. One objective is to find new ways of raising funds for the arts. In order to help individuals and groups the Forum is organising a workshop on the subject of grant funding in the current restrained financial climate. You will see this advertised shortly on our website. Our website also provides links to funding bodies.

Although the Forum is grateful for the Council's efforts over the years in supporting arts groups and individuals it is nevertheless unhappy at this turn of events. At a time of competing interests and reduced grant aid it is likely that arts activities in the area will suffer considerably... this may not be immediately noticeable but the lack of seed corn funding will deter people from pursuing developments which will affect all our futures. This is to be deplored especially as the multiplier effect of voluntary endeavour on the efficiency of small grant monies is very large. The Council's investment hitherto through the Forums, although amounting to a relatively small sum, has represented very good value for money. It's a shame that such a positive process is to be lost.

The Forum will continue to support the Arts is the area and would like to hear from groups or individuals who are having difficulties as a result of the cuts in Council funding; we may be able to help.

Ian Clark

[Editor's note: in the printed copy of the Newsletter the third paragraph of the Message from the Chair was inadvertently omitted. Apologies to Ian for this error.]

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