Gordon Forum for the Arts


Spring 2012

Gordon Art Exhibition


Inverurie Town Hall
Friday 23 March – Tuesday 27 March
Open to the public 10am–5pm (4pm Tuesday)

Gordon Art Exhibition

This is the 21st year of the Gordon Art Exhibition!

Last year the Gordon Art Exhibition attracted over 400 exhibits — surely a testament to the popularity of this "mini art fest"!

The annual exhibition has stood the test of time so well because it has some unique features:

  • For five days in March it provides a focus for the visual arts and this is almost accentuated by the time of year — at the end of winter it is a blaze of colour and creativity!
  • It is rooted in the community — it is art for, and of, the people who live in Aberdeenshire.
  • It is non-selective — totally inclusive.
  • Young artists are encouraged and beginners can put a toe in the water and try exhibiting a piece of their work.
  • It provides a meeting place and a host of talking points — art has an important social aspect — perhaps the most important thing about it.
Gordon Art Exhibition

Artists who exhibit have the opportunity to win an award and the public have the opportunity to purchase affordable art. Over the years a number of now well known artists exhibited in the Gordon Art Exhibition when they were less experienced. This offers opportunity to the discerning buyer!

The Gordon Art Exhibition continues to evolve. An innovation last year was the opportunity for members of the public to go round the exhibition with an established local artist and learn about graphic techniques, colour use, design and many other aspects of art.

Gordon Art Exhibition

Whatever your tastes in art, whether you are an exhibitor or someone who enjoys looking at or would like to purchase a piece of original art you will be sure to find something of interest at the Gordon Art Exhibition!

Marian Reid

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