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Spring 2012

June Hidalgo

June Hidalgo

June Hidalgo — art enthusiast, consummate organiser, positive communicator. As one of three volunteers that are charged with taking on June's role of Gordon Art Exhibition Team Leader, I know we are all conscious of following a very good performer!

June took over the leading role from Douglas Prosser who set up the first Gordon Art Exhibition twenty years ago. June seemed to take on this leading position with confidence and assurance. She sometimes mentioned that she learned the skill of curating from a member of her family who had been a professional art curator/director.

The preparations for the next exhibition start in summer of the previous year. Thus preparation for March 2012 started in July 2011 and at present we are on target for the opening. June's style was informal and relaxed but she had a focus and attention to detail that gave her leadership an edge that always resulted in an excellent exhibition. Meetings were invariably held in her house in Western Road and accompanied by excellent homemade cup cakes!

Everyone has to stop eventually and June has decided to stand back from her work as team leader. She has always said that the exhibition could not take place or be such a success without all the volunteer helpers that come along willingly every year and give of their time and expertise. Now she is handing over the main role of leader to three of us who have been on the Exhibition Team for a number of years — Neil Russell, Jacqui Maconochie and myself. We wish June all the very best and thank her for all the excellent work she has done for Gordon Forum for the Arts and the Gordon Art Exhibition.

Finally we are entering a new phase with the Art Exhibition — the funding that has been available till now to run the exhibition is no longer available and one new task we have had this year has been applying for funds to pay for hiring display boards and other expenses that are incurred when you run this type of event. We have been successful this year and although we are pleased, already there is the thought that this will be an annual task added to all the others.

Still, it is not good to be despondent — one very good thing about the Exhibition is that, being held in March, it heralds the end of winter and marks the beginning of longer, brighter days and Springtime!

Marian Reid

Photo: Ian Clark presents a painting by Doug Prosser to June Hidalgo as a token of our appreciation of the work that June has done for the Forum over the years.

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